Clare Viner Storyteller

I've always loved stories. Some of my best childhood memories are of traveling with family and being told fragments of folklore about the land.  My Grandfather told me stories of the Fairy folk and as I got older, I started to wonder why. Fairy stories let us into the magic of these lands and magic is alive. When it's done properly it sparkles. 

My wish is to help others see how the natural world sparkles,  to fall in love with the trees, the rivers, the earth, the seas and all the creatures. Story can help us to understand and so want to protect.

When I'm not telling Stories I work for the Devon Wildlife Trust. I'm also a reflexologist and healer. I have a degree in English and Drama and am a qualified teacher.

"Clare, your story telling is really absorbing for me, I feel it go into my very bones, like I am living the story. " Jo - 'Spirit of Deer' Storytelling Workshop