Thank you so much for the incredibly nourishing day, it was just amazing! - Cami 
What a very special day of wisdom, fun, laughter and play it was on Saturday.  I felt supported and nourished on every level, and it certainly feels like the spirit of play is being re-kindled within me.  I came away feeling very light and balanced and I’m just so glad I seem to have broken through the blockage I encountered earlier!  And that’s most definitely in large part thanks to the beautiful, safe and nurturing space that the two of you provide throughout the day, together with all the other lovely wise women in our group. - Tess 
Such a wonderful workshop and just what I needed, thank you.  I too loved the playfulness emerging through the day. It was wonderful and I found it healing on many levels. - Lesley 
Today was beyond words, thank you for bringing Otter to life! - Cameron 
Many thanks for our time with Otter today. It was very cleansing and gave me some real grounding within the hearts and minds of our sisters. The affirmation of our beauty to each other was pure supportive energy. We all need this more often! - Sara 
Thank you for a beautiful day on Saturday. It was so lovely to see you and everyone  and to be with the energy of otter. - Louise 
Oh it was an amazing day, and I feel so lucky to be part of this special group of women – so much gratitude from this heart… - Rachel (Woman of Owls and Flowers Workshop) 
I, too, feel very privileged and excited to be part of such a lovely group of like hearted souls, something that has been missing from my life since I left West Sussex nearly 8 years ago!  Thank you all for your warm and enveloping love and support and i so much look forward to our next *parliament*! - Tina (Owls and Flowers) 
Thank you again Clare for such a magical day, and to everyone for your heart and soulful presence. - Louise (Owls and Flowers) 
Thanks again for an inspiring and connecting day, felt truly special.  - Claire (Spirit of Deer) 
I love all of it, Clare, your story telling is really absorbing for me I feel it go into my very bones, like I am living the story. I also love the challenge of pinpointing exactly which bit of the story is calling to me and working with that. I could go on to do another part of the story, if we had longer sessions, maybe a day workshop in the future?! 
 I also like the ritual part and this felt more important this time. It was good you invited others to contribute suggestions leading to us making ‘the bowl’ And then stirring it etc it felt organic and co-created in a beautiful way. - Jo (Spirit of Deer) 
Clare held the space for our storytelling with such care and encouragement. At one point in the story I was utterly carried away, like a child, totally living the experience. She is a dynamic and soulful storyteller. When we retold the story in our own words and discussed its relevance to our lives, I felt safe and able to be vulnerable and share within the group. I moved out of my comfort zone and Clare led by example. The story of Otter has stayed with me. 
I loved the whole experience and look forward to the next time. Thank you Clare! 
Tracey R